IIT Roorkee

Hey there! I'm Pravendra Singh. Welcome to my node in the Webgraph.

I work as a Product Manager at Vernacular AI in Bangalore. I am interested in everything related to communication, education, cognition, and communities. I like to experiment with explorable explanations and data journalism based on visual storytelling.

I used to maintain and contribute to a number of Open Source projects, have slowed down a bit. For example, the Go programming language.

Scroll down if you want to see my work or catch some pearls.

Recent Post

Opportunities in Indian Railway commute: Next Billion Users Perspective December 1, 2019
Google's NBU strategy and the scope of utility-based applications for passengers

Side Products

Long Weekend Travel December 2019
Find the upcoming long weekends and plan your next getaway

Follow GitHub Organisation September 2019
Follow your favorite GitHub organizations and get notified on new repositories

Prophetly April 2017
Interactive Time Series Forecasting on the Fly

Featured Articles

Solving Google Semantris using OpenCV and Word2Vec Dec. 2, 2018

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Information Dynamics on the GitHub Network Feb. 8, 2017

Breaking into the Indian E-commerce Dec. 11, 2015
Featured in Tech in Asia, Python Weekly Newsletter, and DataTau.

Jump in to ride all the Bangalore taxis, at once Sep. 1, 2015
Retweeted by Plotly and HasGeek founder Kiran jonnalagadda.

Open Source Presence Infographic of Indian Startups Jan. 17, 2015
Mentioned in Wingify Engineering. Received comments from former Flipkart CTO Amod Malviya, former Myntra CTO Shamik Sharma, HasGeek founder Kiran jonnalagadda, and ERPNext founder Rushabh Mehta.